Insoles LUOMMA have passed tests in FGBUZ Central Clinical Hospital of the RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (CKB RAS). The presence of the Registration Certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation confirms the therapeutic effect of using this product. RU No. RZN 2013/1272 of August 18, 1944

LM Orthopedic

Разрешено Росздравнадзором

Контроль качества и процесса производства в соответствии со стандартами и принципами Всемирной организации здравоохранения (ВОЗ).


Изделия соответствуют требованиям международного стандарта EN ISO 13485:2012


Стельки ортопедические LUM101


  • careful support of the longitudinal and transverse arches of the foot
  • reduction of pain and discomfort in problems with transverse and longitudinal arches of the foot
  • reduction of leg fatigue with prolonged walking
  • prevention of the formation of corns
  • promotes the correct stoppicking


  • elastic pelotus with the laying of longitudinal and transverse arches
  • can be used for fixed flatfoot
  • take up little space in shoes
  • wear-resistant breathable coating

Показания к применению:

  • longitudinal or combined flat foot
  • prevention and treatment of flattening of the longitudinal and transverse arches of the feet
  • prevention of hallux valgus (bones)
  • Varicose disease, pain, swelling of the legs
  • pregnancy
  • overweight
  • long stay on legs
  • Before use, consult a specialist


  • individual intolerance of materials

Как подобрать размер изделия

Артикул: LUM101
the size 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46
length of foot (cm) 22.1 22.6 23.3 24 24.7 25.5 26.2 26.9 27.6 28.2 28.8 29.6

Материал покрытия:

  • leather 

Инструкция по применению:

  • embedded in closed shoes with a heel of up to 5 cm
  • period of habituation 1 - 5 days

Выгоды покупателей от ношения ортопедических стелек LUOMMA:

  • reduction of pain in the legs and back
  • reduced fatigue when walking
  • better coordination and gait
  • Comfortable sensations when walking in any shoe
  • improvement of general well-being and quality of life

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